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We have a quarterly submission cycle so there is deadline for regular upcoming issues. Please check the appropriate dates for sending your work. Notices for these are regularly posted on our Instagram account.


We are reading, every day, all month, and a literary magazine can never have enough submissions. That said, due to the volume of submissions – we now take 15-30 days to respond to accepted pieces.

It is hard work, and we are not be available around the clock. That is why, we have tried to make this simpler for you. Almost every query that we can think of, is answered on this page. If you still feel we have missed something, feel free to get in touch via email -

Send us your work (relevant images if any) along with your photograph ( we do not accept selfies), bio note (strictly in third person voice in 100 words or less, social media links) :


The Written Word (Poetry)
  • One poem between 200 to 300 words on any topic with a title. 

  • A little background about the poem - like theme, genre and any related note if any.

Matter-of-Fact (Non-fiction)
  • One article upto 1000 words on - Politics, Relationships, Conflicts, Business, Money, Inspirational stories, Creative writing, History, Science, Technology, Current affairs and Memoirs with a title.

Art Advent (Painting)
  • One high quality (HD) picture of the art piece with/without watermark with a title and a short write up (4-6 lines) about the painting. The description can speak about the meaning of the painting, technical aspects (colour, tone, line, shape, space etc.). 

View Through my lens (Photography)
  • One high quality (HD) picture of different captures with a title and technical aspects (camera used, lens used, shutter speed, ISO, aperture etc.) 

  • If possible a short write up (3-4 lines) about each picture. It is preferable to mention about the location where the picture is captured.

The Cogent Critique (Book Review)
  • A review of any book around 600 words along with relevant images of the book. 

  • A contributor should mention - about the author, about the book, book details like title, publisher, genre, format, length, rating (out of 5).

Poet Alert (Poet of the Issue)
  • One poem up to 400 words on any topic of their choice with title and description note. 

Coffee Conversation (Interview)
  • A contributor needs to reply to the questions sent by the editorial team and needs to give a clear picture.

  • The answers should be relevant and should be responded in not more than 5-6 lines per answer.

The Spinning Tales (Prose/Features)
  • Short story in 800-900 words on any genre with proper paragraph breaks in order to maintain flow and functioning.

Author’s Acquaintance (Know your Author)
  • Write about any one of the renowned authors in 800- 1000 words highlighting the author’s specialisations, way of writing, achievements or something unique.

The Last Word (Column)
  • A personal opinionated post in 600-1000 words. It can be humorous, in context to literature, pop culture or bookish communities.

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