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While in Sleep

“Ugh! I’m really feeling disgusted to be trapped here for years. Isn’t it possible to wake up as a different human being, in a different city, speaking a different language, living in a different culture— a totally new life!”. The tiny voice suddenly stopped talking and a deep deafening silence followed. Slowly, the lights dimmed and within no minutes, I could see myself falling into a pitch dark world. This darkness was completely unknown to me— it was darker than that in the space, even darker than the darkness that I see on closing my eyes.

From nowhere, suddenly I noticed a source of light, emerging from a point where an old sage was meditating on a large-sized rock at the top of a hill. I ran to him and asked, “Sir, can you please tell where I am? Where is this place?”.

The sage slowly opened his eyes and smiled slightly. His eyes glittered, as if he could read my mind and understand my emotions. But he didn’t desire to speak. He pointed at the bright radiant sky. It was time for the sun to rise and the darkness to fade away. We were standing between an old night and a new day. The nature was unnaturally cooler and much different than that I’ve experienced till date. The sage stood up on his feet and came nearer to me. I looked straight into his eyes. His pair was too strange— as deep as an ocean, as mysterious as a cave and as calm as a silent breeze.

Slowly, I lost all control over my mind and got deeper into his eyes. I could see the whole world, starting from a bacterial colony to a dangerous dinosaur, from a beautiful mountain to an active volcano, from a hardworking ant carrying its food on its back to a lion having an innocent deer in his dinner, from a man eating vegetables to a cannibal devouring a human— every small to big and good to worst things were clearly visible to me.

“Scarlett? Scarlett? Can you hear me, Scarlett? See, your mom is here, Scarlett. Can you hear me?”, a familiar voice kept on calling. When I opened my eyes, to my utter amazement, I saw that I was lying on the hospital bed! Immediately, I sat up straight and blurted out, “Where am I lost? Where is the old sage?”. My mother, who had been weeping constantly since I closed my eyes last, promptly spoke out, “Sage? Where did you see a sage? Darling, you were in coma for more than a week. Thank God that you’re alright now”. She then heaved a sigh of relief and put her tender hand on my forehead trying to calm me down. Soon the doctor came and checked my pulse rate. I was still puzzled and there was a continuous conflict between my mind and the present reality. “Bravo! Your organs are working absolutely fine”, the doctor confirmed. “Are you feeling better now?”, he asked. I nodded my head. When he was about to leave my cabin, I stopped him with my question, “Doctor, you won’t believe but I saw myself running through total darkness. No sign of light was visible, until I saw a strange sage sitting on a rock at the top of a hill and meditating”.

The doctor smiled at me and said, “Your soul might have travelled far from your body, while you were in artificial sleep. Just like your thoughts can travel at an unexpected faster speed, your soul can also travel faster than a superfast jet”.

It’s been almost five years, since I had such an unbelievable experience. I really don’t know whether it was a game played by my subconscious mind, or something else. But I feel blessed to believe that the sage was none other than God Himself.

My soul might have reached nearer to Him in search of peace, but couldn’t forget the loveable abode which it has possessed since birth.

The unforgettable image of the sage and the beautiful sunrise still glows brighter in my mind.


Darshayita Paul


(Darshayita Paul, currently studying Bachelor’s in Science, has a great interest in creative writing. When she was in her high school, she used to make parodies, just for fun. But who knew that her fun would turn into her loving passion? Now, in her leisure time, she writes lyrics and compose them into songs. She often tried to publish her poems in several websites and magazines. But unfortunately, they got rejected. However, with her parents by her side and dreams in her eyes, she finally collected her bunch of poems and stories, and successfully bounded them into a wholesome book called “Winds & Waves”.)

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