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Wrong question, everyone wants to lead a healthier life, right?

The pursuit of wellness is the daily practice of healthy practices for the improvement of physical and mental health. Although the majority of wellness models encompass at least six aspects—physical, social, mental, spiritual, emotional, and environmental—they do it in different ways. The global wellness institute define wellness as the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyle that lead to a state of holistic health.

A healthy mind comes with a healthy body.

Focusing on daily routines can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. These patterns give your day structure and mean the difference between working efficiently and slogging through an unorganised day. A successful daily routine makes you feel more focused and energised while setting you up for success. Your decision is yours. Routines can be energising and time-saving or they can be tiring and ineffective. The key is to become aware of them so that you can take action.

By making a few straightforward adjustments that result in a long-lasting healthy lifestyle, you may start working toward it. Start by introducing a few little adjustments to your daily schedule. Making drastic changes to your behaviours will simply put you back where you started. You can develop a new lifestyle that you can maintain over the long run by gradually forming these behaviours in numerous ways:

  • Don’t be fast with fast food.

  • Sleep cycle is the key.

  • Balanced diet gives you an upper hand.

  • Choose Healthier Fats.

  • Liquidate your body, drink water.

  • Open up your body with routine exercises.

  • Keep your distance from smoking/drinking.

  • Negate negativity and negative people.

  • Proper Breathing habits provide you with an edge. Lifestyle is the way of living which has direct effect on our health. Lifestyle plays a vital role in building our wellness. Wellness is influenced by the kind of lifestyle one lives. A healthy lifestyle is just doing activities that make you happy and make you feel good. Walking a mile five times a week, eating fast food once a week, and spending virtual or in-person time with loved ones every other day may be plenty for one individual. Someone else's definition of a healthy lifestyle may include preparing for and running two marathons every year, adhering to a keto diet, and never drinking alcohol.

Balance is the Key Wellness is not the same as healthcare. Our healthcare systems take a pathogenic and reactive approach to illness and injury origins, consequences, diagnosis, and treatment. Wellness, on the other hand, is a autogenic and proactive strategy that emphasises prevention, healthy lifestyles, and the goal of optimal well-being. Finally, a firm basis for wellness aids in the prevention and treatment of disease, both now and in the future. According to WHO, 60% of related factor to individual health and quality of life are correlated to lifestyle. Maximum people these day follows unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, they encounter illness, disability, diseases, and even death sometimes. Everyday healthy lifestyle choices may benefit us both physically and psychologically. Choosing healthy behaviours will help you live a longer, happier life.


Samiksha Gupta IG: , @shruti__gupt

{Samiksha is an undergraduate student who loves to write, currently pursuing B.Sc. Home Science with specialization in clinical nutrition and dietetics from Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow. }

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