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Top 5 Places to Travel in 2022

Travel presents greater challenges than ever before. Picking a place to travel in 2022 requires a bit more planning, research, and thought due to ever-changing restrictions. Still, there is one bright side to this. It matters where we go. Moreover, travellers have a unique opportunity now to pause, contemplate, and deliberate to influence new global tourism. Finding the perfect spot is not always easy with so many fascinating destinations to choose from. Take a look at our top travel destinations in 2022.


Pint-sized Belize is an island nation in the heart of Central America, situated on the Caribbean Sea. With more than 100 types of coral and more than 500 species of tropical fish, the Belize Barrier Reef is a scuba diver and snorkeler's paradise with the second-largest in the world, after Australia's. Scuba divers explore the underwater caves and walls and the world-renowned Blue Hole, while snorkelers enjoy the kaleidoscope of coral, fish, whale sharks, and turtles. On top of all that, you can kayak, windsurf, paddle-board, swim, fish, or simply relax in a hammock on the sandy cays, which make for an idyllic tropical vacation.


Malawi's geographical diversity is what you first notice about this country besides its legendary friendliness. The Great Rift Valley cuts through the landscape to form Africa's third-largest lake: Lake Malawi, a gleaming body of clear water teeming with colorful fish. No matter if you want to dive, snorkel, kayak or relax on a beach or desert island, a visit to the lake is a must. A hiker's dream, both offer mist-cowled forests and exotic wildlife on Malawi's mysterious Zomba Plateau, located in the Deep South. Nyika Plateau, which can be seen further north, has rolling grasslands similar to the Scottish Highlands. The lion reintroduction program at Majete Wildlife Reserve has changed the perception of Malawi as a safari destination, and it is now one of a few worthwhile wildlife viewing spots in the country.


In one of his writings, Mark Twain stated that Mauritius was made first and Heaven followed. The island of Mauritius is full of attractions beyond the beaches, and it's the kind of place that rewards exploration no matter how small. It boasts a forested and mountainous interior as well as world-class diving and snorkeling. A popular attraction in Mauritius is the crystal-clear waters, powder-white beaches, and luxury resorts. Excursions to botanical gardens and colonial plantation houses are also available, as well as boat trips to near-perfect islets. A great wildlife watching destination, Mauritius is also a great culinary destination. Away from the beach resorts, Mauritius offers a hot curry spicing up the cultures and quiet fishing villages.


It's easy to understand why Norway is so popular: it is one of the most gorgeous countries in the world. The Norwegian interior is carved by fjords of extraordinary beauty with steep sides. There are giant glaciers that snake down from the ice fields that are among the biggest in Europe. Norway's interior is dominated by mountains that look like ramparts of natural fortresses, while its coasts are punctuated by rocky islands rising impossibly above the sea. Additionally, there is the untouched beauty of the Arctic that is simply stunning. There are some of Europe's prettiest villages every which way you turn in this extraordinary country.


A charming rustic culture, harmonious architecture, and refined cuisine further enhance Slovenia's natural treasures. It is an earthly paradise of snow-capped peaks, turquoise rivers, and Venetian-style coastlines. Slovenia has a great deal to offer visitors, from the magnificent Julian Alps to the Postojna and Skocjan caves, from the lush emerald lakes and rivers to the Adriatic coastline. Even in the summer, it is possible to find snow at the foothills of the Alps where a unique climate mix produces warm Mediterranean breezes. Slovenia is, in fact, one of the greenest countries on earth, with over half of its surface covered in forest.

Choosing the best places to go is always thrilling, but planning is even more exciting. We live in a world filled with awe-inspiring, fascinating places to explore. Taking a trip to one of these countries can be a challenge. Each has its own culture and special attractions. It is important to choose the right destination before traveling. Are you ready to go? Go on dream travels and bring happiness to your life. Decide on the best destination to visit and enjoy the experience to the fullest.


Nandana Valsan

IG Handle: the_journalist_life

(Nandana is a Writer/Journalist by profession who lives in Kochi. She is pursuing MBA and specialises in Journalism and Mass Communication. She’s best known for News Writings for both small and large Web News Media, Online Publications, Freelance Writings and so on. Being a Writer, her passion for helping readers in all aspects of today's digital era flows through in the expert industry coverage she provides.)

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