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Time for Revision

This year we are celebrating "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" , and also being the most democratic nation in the world, what comes to our mind ?

Where once life giving 'amrit' was said to flow in our rivers, why have these become the rivers of blood ? Where peace once sang it's joyous song, why has that land been shattered by the explosions, the bellowing poisonous smoke and spreading it across the horizon ? Instead of limitless love and brotherhood, why have the high walls of hatred been raised ? All around us why have the demoniacal forests sprung up ? After all, how long will we wait for the "Aachhe Din" ?

After Independence, it seems as if the wheel of time is turning backward. Earlier the communal riots were regarded as an aberration in social life, now they have become a part of our way of life, they serve as a means of asserting one's identity. Earlier questions of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy etc. were regarded as the real problems. Now the priorities have changed - capturing power or holding on to power is the top priority and issues like the temple-mosque disputes are more important.

At that time when all the World is facing epidemic disease like Corona, secessionist forces and violence have raised their ugly heads and posed the gravest threat to the unity and integrity of India. In my opinion, for all these problems, only our politicians are not responsible, but also we have some duties (not merely as a voter but as an Indian first ). Why are we closing our eyes or ears ? Why are we not reacting as an 'Indian first' ?

Sometimes I feel that "Vandematram", "Jai Hind", etc. all have lost their meanings. In today's condition they have no relevance. "Sarfaroshi ki tamanna...." is now restricted to sacrificing other's head. Even "Jay Hind" has lost its value; because we have Bengal, Assam, Maharashtra, Punjab or Kashmir, where is this place called "India" ? When we do not see India anywhere, what point is there in wishing for its victory ?

So, now the 'time is for revision'.. there are some particular weaknesses in our constitution, but more in our feelings also. We should change our policy from 'hate and violence' to 'grace and non violence' . The process of government was to be based on hard realities and the realities in front of us are grim.

Some of us might still be reading the newspapers for a gist of the speech of particular person or watching live TV coverage of National Functions, but to a majority of people, it's just a holiday with the shouts of kite flyers in the highly competitive mood renting the crowded air with yet another squeal of success.

Alas, their spirit soars more with the kites !!


Namita Gupta "Mansi"

Instagram id @namita6498

(Namita worked in many books as a co author. She loves to write poetry in Hindi. Her poems are published in many newspaper and magazines as well as featured by many writing communities on Instagram and FB)

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