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Everyone has their own perceptions of maintaining and evaluating their relationships. Some consider relationships as a part of life whereas others prioritise relationships above life.

It's the way you perceive. According to the three practical rules of life

1- Never give the command of your happiness to any of your relationships, Instead hold your happiness inside your heart. Be happy when you're in the company of those you love but never be overshadowed by their absence.

2- Learn to give according to receive nevertheless never learn to acquire the negativity of the person you are dealing with. For example if he /she fails to give you due respect, never adopt the same attitude instead your respectful way might alter their thought process.

3- Never bind them to love you. Do your best but if they don't value your efforts keep taking a step back. Never hurt yourself for others sake. These rules I have never read anywhere but these have been included in my life as they have been experienced by me.I may be wrong but I have learned to clear my vision as according to the behavior I have been dealing with.

Relationships tend to work if both sides value the other one equally. This is helpful to create a balance amidst the two. If one side will give more preference to the other, they will reach a saturation point. To avoid this practice to give what you receive else you will destroy the equilibrium. Learn to break smaller patterns amidst your relationship else the monotony will steal the charm. If you want your affections to be as crisp as the newly bees, acquire the steps to break the routine and last but not the least never ever give the complaints you have in a particular relationship to somebody else. Instead if you are offended by one, speak to one who is responsible, else you will tend to lose the respect for each other.

Relationships are the pathways towards life goals. If they are healthy they will transform your life miraculously else they will lead towards a barren land where no fruits of happiness and prosperity will ever grow. Thus a beautiful relationship always forms the basis of a magnificent life.

If ever you feel discontented in your relationship just pull up your socks and try to give your hundred percent. Besides your continuous efforts if you fail to get the required return and try confronting your partner. Else it will help create a vicinity of distrust and non belief around your heart which will be very challenging to cross upon by anyone. Thus a magnificent life is always the outcome of a true and awesome relationship which very few people

are blessed with.


Mona Bakshi

IG handle: @meraki_by.mb

(Mona is mother of three grown ups. She is always motivated by her husband and kids. She has inherited this beautiful trait from her late mother. She tries to encourage her fellow writers and loves to read their feedback)

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