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Every youth of our nation wants to live freely and independent, no one wants to compromise about anything. And it is the only reason that most of the youngsters are running away from getting married. When it comes to marriage the first word that comes in the mind is compromise and bounding. When we talk particularly about girls the only fear that provokes them is about their independence.

When a girl is married in a joint family she is considered to adopt herself in the new atmosphere and bounded with the number of senseless rules instead of being herself. She is prisoned in a cage called home and have to make attempts to please her in-laws instead of living her life in the way she has been dreaming since childhood. She can make her in-laws more proud and happy if she is not forced to change her complete attire. And at the same time men are given a number of responsibilities to fulfil the needs of their wives. Does any soul is really meant to be dependent?

Does marriage really meant to bound any soul and create hurdles before their independence?

Marriage is the most beautiful relationship any person can be in. It teaches us to love and care and gives us love and care in return. It is like a sea of comfort where two souls sail delightfully, fighting with the hindrances given by dear life beautifully with each other's support. It is not about compromising the whole life and destroying it.

It is a strong connection of love that connects two souls at another level ....


Aishwary Raj

IG @riddledlines

( Aishwary is an author, writer and compiler, she is studying 2nd year BCA and lives in Varanasi, UP, India)

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