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Meaning of soulmate

Once in our lifetime we meet with someone who gives us immense love and respect which we always wanted to have from someone special. We often get confused about the meaning of soulmate. A person who has peeped into our soul and ascertained to empower our soul is our soulmate. Someone who knows us more than we know ourselves. We humans always need someone who can calm the chaos of our heart. Life is unpredictable. It's not guaranteed that we can live our whole life with the person we love. Sometimes destiny has different plans, but the strength and the love we get from our soulmate stays with us till death.

When we remember their memories, our hearts beat faster than usual, butterflies start dancing in our stomachs. It's really satisfying that we have someone who can understand and believe in us when we couldn't believe in ourselves. Our soulmate is part of our soul. We can pour all our emotions in- front of them. A kind of comfort and satisfaction we feel when we are around them.

Don't change your belief in love when you are separated from the person you love. Some people occupy a very special place in our hearts. Life is a very long and unpredictable journey, and in this journey we all need someone to hold our hands and make this journey easier and special. It is difficult to love and trust again, but slowly things fall in the right place.

Some memories rejuvenate our soul in such an alluring way that we wish we could rewind that beautiful phase of life and hear those tranquillised words again.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It is an emotion which connects the whole world. Essence of true love doesn't diminish, it stays with us forever.

Everyone has different views about soulmates. When we are connected with someone with all our heart and soul, then distance doesn't matter at all. The memories which we create with them always enchant our soul. Life is a roller- coaster ride. We don't know what will be written in its next chapter. God has made someone for each one of us and soon we will find them. So live peacefully and love unconditionally.


Rishu Sharma

IG: @rishu_sharma03

(Rishu is pursuing her Post-graduation in clinical psychology. She is a published author. Ink and paper are her go -to person.)

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