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Love the mind, not the beauty of the outside

A few days ago I went to a shop to buy sunscreen lotion and lipstick. I was thinking for a while about choosing some lipstick colors. Suddenly a girl in the shop said, "Why are you so tense? You are fair and also look good. Any color will suit you". Then in a low and upset voice, she said, "My skin color is black, black girls like us have to think a lot before choosing anything". Hearing that, I looked at the girl— what a sweet face! Nose, eyes are alright. There is no mutilation. But she is suffering from a strange mental disorder. I understood, the color of her skin is black, that's why she is suffering from an inferiority complex! It would be wrong to say that she is suffering, this society is forcing her to suffer from an inferiority complex. I replied to the girl, "Why can't blacks be beautiful?" Then she said, “I am black so I have to listen to a lot of things. This color will not suit blacks, that is not for blacks etc. When I put on make-up, I hear that I have become beautiful by wearing make-up". I said to the girl, "See, every creation of the creator is beautiful. Black can be beautiful, fair can be beautiful. It doesn't matter who thinks about you. The big thing is what you think of yourself". Now dear readers, let's come to the most talked about social networking website Facebook, not only communication, sometimes it seems that it is also a means of choosing a couple. A few days ago, a middle-aged relative of mine came and showed me an ID and a picture of a girl on Facebook and said, “Look, is she looking okay, what do you think about this girl? Let's find out a little bit about her character". I checked deeper but I could not tell that old relative that this girl is overqualified for your son. Another story is that, an Indian friend of my brother, from Canada had a crush on a girl just by looking at social media. When he came to the country and saw the girl face to face, his heart was broken because the girl was "black", in the language of that friend. Another story like this, a boy who recently got cheated by his love, needs a girlfriend, who will have to be more beautiful than his ex-girlfriend. So he went down to social accounts in search of a beautiful woman. I'm telling you, stop now. Any social media can never be a yardstick for anyone to measure. Everyone wants to show their good in front of everyone. This is the characteristic of a person. Not only physically but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

How a person presents himself to others is a personal matter. It is a person's personal freedom. Real life girls are not as tidy as the heroines of the film, no one is so beautiful without flaws. Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, whose face dazzles everyone, also wakes up in the morning with dry eyes and hair, she also has to do makeup for more than an hour before standing in front of the camera. So think first, what do you want — a beautiful, make-up smart, arrogant girl who always spends more than she earns, selfish and bad-tempered? Or a girl who is good, generous, who loves to be with everyone, who always stands by the side of others and who dreams of a beautiful world to come? In this case, of course, the girls do not go less, even after taking pictures with beauty cam or other filters and DSLR— edit more and upload pictures with a completely different look. Just like that, a girl visits the parlour with thousands of rupees to get beautiful straight hair. Going to a wedding or birthday party, one person has an extra look filled with makeup. Surely you do not want anyone to like you just by looking at your appearance right? If you do not want to do so, then first develop your talents with your knowledge and intellect, you will see by your beautiful simple mind, qualities, talents and knowledge –someone will be by your side all your life with love. And if you can't find a right partner, then you need not to hang out with some bullshit people or idiots who don't deserve you. How can a person who has never understood the beauty of your mind be worthy of you? You must have heard that, "An empty cow-shed is better than a bad cow." However, if you like to do makeup, you will do it despite what people say. It doesn't matter who will say what. But if you wear make-up only to cover your weakness, then I will say that you do not have faith in yourself. Remember that at the end of the day you are yours. The beauty of the mind is more important than the external beauty. Learn to believe in yourself that you are beautiful too, you also have the ability to stand on your own feet with your own knowledge. If you do not understand or know your own beauty, your own talent, then think once, how will others understand?


Dr. Tulika Sarkar

Instagram ID : @melodytulika

(Tulika is from Kolkata. She loves to explore and wants to spread that sort of unknown and hidden treasure of knowledge amongst everyone through her writings)

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