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Life and Air journey : Synonyms

Flight being our life and we being the captain... every-time flying carrying suitcase filled with memories with new set of people ,new set of emotions , everyone being unique , everyone being unknown.

Take off and Landing depicts ups and downs of our life .

Destination same for all , but purpose and motive to visit that destination totally different for each one.

Enjoying every moment between the sky where nothing else is visible around is similar to the times in life where everything fades and only memories we live by.

Once boarding time is done gates are closed and no chance to board the flight similarly when the time is gone ...gates to best opportunities are respect time and grab every opportunity.

Life is what it is , what it should be and not what we expect it to be.Every moment has something different in it to learn to experience...learn to cherish and enjoy every ride of life that's already destined

Let life play it's own game , you keep playing your role because what's yours will be yours no one will be able to take it away from you.

Learn to let go and

Ignore things that makes you unhappy

Focus and full fill your dreams

Enjoy every moment of life

Every journey comes to an end make the end happy ending or sad ending is totally your way.


Ankita Bhatia

IG: @_purposeoflife_by_ankita

("Never stop, keep learning, keep succeeding"- The only moto that Ankita follows , A young girl hailing from National Capital , Delhi ,at young age of 21 year has achieved a lot from International to National Awards , featured in magazines , anthologies and news sites )

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