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Honesty to literature

Today's present era is the era of many achievements, where many things are easily available. In such a situation, keeping our minds under control, we do not have to run in the blind race or blind devotion, but use discretion to choose right and wrong. Huh. Similarly, there is literature which is the foundation of any society, from the point of view of literature, literature is a part of society and no human remains untouched by it.

In such a situation, it is the great responsibility of all litterateurs towards literature that they should create such literature which can be useful for all sections of the people. We have to be equally honest towards literature, whatever we create should be original, nowadays plagiarism is also happening, whatever we write, it touches us somewhere, so it meets the test of accuracy. Nowadays, in the name of literature, only lyrically should not be served, but any composition should be written keeping in view all the aspects like ornaments, verses, images, symbols, areas, etc. Such type of literature should be written which takes the society towards upliftment.

Literature is such a weapon by which we can move society in a strong direction. New construction can be done in society through literature. Literature is a reflection of the past, present and future.

The writer, through his imagination, puts such criteria in front of society which can do his good. Since ancient times, literature has always tried to keep a positive side of the country. Poet Tulsidas Ji has set such standards through Ramayana that he is guiding society to date. ' Maithilisharan Gupt Ji, remembering his proud past and era-men, is compelled to say that -

What were we, what have we become and what will happen now. Come think, today all these problems together. That is, literature is the mirror of society, the environment of any society can be ascertained only through literature.

"Dead is the country where there is no literature."

Dr Hazari Prasad Dwivedi Ji believed that a litterateur should be the leader of humanity. Until he writes for mankind, he keeps running away from his responsibility. The basic goal of the writer is to awaken the sleeping conscience of the nation. Literary writers who carry their epoch situations along with them always remain relevant. History is witness that whenever a nation has deviated from its path, literature has shown the way to it. Whenever he was inclined literary writers have revived him. When our country was subjugated, then litterateurs like Premchand, Dinkar, Nirala, and Bhartendu Harishchandra put the burning torch of freedom full of enthusiasm and energy in the hands of the people. His works were as relevant then as they are today. Therefore, today there is a need to create such literature which will make our path easy. To be taken out of darkness to a new light.


Dr. Archannaa Mishraa

Instagram- @manavi1432

(My name is Dr.Archannaa Mishraa. I got my early education from Delhi. After that, got my bachelor's and post-graduate degree from Hindu College of Delhi University. After this I did B.Ed and M.Ed. I have also mastered the Guidance and Council course. I have also contributed as a teacher in a government school)

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