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Fitness and its importance

Fitness has a very broad meaning, that just going to the gym or running in the morning won't make you fit from all aspects. Determination and consistency play a vital role in achieving a healthy physique.

If you want to be fit and have a healthy body, you have to work on every component of your fitness.

There are in general five major components:

1.) Muscular Strength - It's the ability to carry out work against any kind of resistance. Weight training in the gym or bodyweight training like calisthenics can help you to increase your muscular strength.

2.) Cardiovascular endurance - If you are having good muscular strength and less cardiovascular endurance then you are not fit from the inside, you are just fit from the outside. Cardiovascular endurance is related to our heart. Now, the heart is a muscle and you have to train it to make it function properly and to keep it healthy. Ex - running, Jogging, and HIIT (high-intensity interval training ) kind of workouts can train your heart muscles and increase your cardiovascular endurance.

3.) Muscular endurance - Muscles can perform continuously without fatigue. This can be achieved by high reputations weight training exercises. It's a very important and useful component. for example, we go on hikes, and our leg muscles especially our calves get fatigued quickly. But if our muscles have good endurance then we will not get fatigued easily.

4.) Flexibility & mobility- Now, this component should be practiced by everyone from children to old people. Flexibility is the range of motion of our muscles and mobility is the range of motion of our joints. Flexibility can be achieved by performing stretching exercises or by doing yoga. Mobility is achieved by different exercises for different joints simple arm rotation ( forward & backward ) will improve your shoulder mobility.

5.) Body composition - Body composition is the percentage of muscles, fats, water, and bone density in our body. For healthy body composition, your body should lie in the BMI Range ( Body Mass Index ) according to your height and weight. You should have decent muscle mass and your fat percentage should lie in the healthy range. For females - it's between 20 - 25 % and for males, it's about 10-15% body fat, although it also depends on the age factor, the his/ her the age the body fat percentage should be Higher a little bit. So these are some of the major components of fitness. These components help in accomplishing the target physique in the right time frame.


Bajrang Himanshu

IG: @bajrang_14

(Bajrang Himanshu is a fitness coach. He is a certified trainer and nutrition specialist from Mifi by Guru Mann. He loves transforming people, shooting video and editing.)

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