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Emotional health - a significant aspect

The era of technology which has made us so busy that we hardly care about our emotional health. It is the foremost reason why we use words stressed, depressed and mental illness.

Emotional health is an integral part of overall well being which helps us cope with the rollercoasters of our life.

We are the books we read, the music we listen to and the conversation we have . Choose wisely because knowing or unknowing, it is getting fed in our subconscious mind and we tend to become that.

We all have become conscious about our health but only upto the level of physical fitness and body building. We forget that it's the mind where we have to live as our thoughts create our world .

We all have been through the situations when one thought makes us overthink excessively and make us take some disastrous step, suicide is one of them. That's the power of one toxic thought. And one of the most ignored reason is- depleted emotional health.

A healthy being is a one who is physically fit, mentally relaxed and emotionally strong. We live in a society mostly surrounded by negativity . Nowadays it has become a necessity to be emotionally strong. . The secret and art of living lies under how strong our emotional health is built .

Whenever we come across by some negative thought we need to talk to someone to make us feel better which is temporary solution .The other time when something similar happen thoughts are of greater intensity we forget that it's our mind where we have to live permanently .

Depleted emotional health has impacted our life in so many ways .Not only the body is affected by negative thoughts like stress , our work, relationship, focus all gets worse.

A healthy mind gives a healthy body. Just as we need food as fuel for our body we need good content to recharge our batteries and make our life beautiful.

Meditation helps us to detox our mind with all negativity..The most simplest ways to declutter our mind are affirmations. Limiting the content we watch, we need to be careful about what's need to be absorbed and filtered out . It has been repeated from a long time so it will take down time ,we need to be patient.

At least we realised that it is very important to take care our emotional health through emotional diet. It is life changing. It can create miracles as being calm and Patient can make us achieve anything .

I can't control the world but I can control my soul and create my world where I have to live in.

"I am what I feed my mind..."


Ankita Sinha

IG: @ alluring_me0517

(Ankita Sinha is from Ranchi, Jharkhand. A student of clinical nutrition and dietetics. Dancing, singing and collecting chocolate wrappers are her hobbies)

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