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Dearest Judge

Dear judge, who is present in my mind. The judge, who fears of anything and everything. The judge, who keeps a watch at my every activity. The judge, who has a ‘what if’ attitude and who always forces me to give a ‘ second thought’ . I want to tell you that, I DO have fears like the fear of me left behind, the fear of keeping myself at last always.

But now, I don’t care about you. I don’t care of what you will think of me. Now, I don’t think about you making fun of me, because everybody else move ahead in life and me left behind weeping and cursing myself. Because , I know I am moving forward , even if I left behind. I am glad that I am moving and I am not standing still, wondering what to do next. I am glad , that I am taking one step at a time instead of waiting.

I want to tell you that I have faith in myself and I am relieved. Now I no longer care of other people’s opinions.

Now, I no longer cry thinking of devilish intentions of yours because you make me feel unwanted. Although, I do get anxious at times, but I handle it all alone. Now , I don’t bow down but I stand still on the bricks which people used to throw at me when all I was a failure. Now, I move on quickly. I work upon myself , I invest everything on myself. It was tough . Sometimes , it ridicules me but I smile and move on. Now, I no longer fear of challenges, I embrace them. I have become more private and less public.

I learn from my mistakes. I accept them and set them. I believed myself when the judgemental me didn’t believe in me. Now , I don’t make myself available for everyone every time . Now , I no longer focus on you instead I focus on building the life that I imagine. I have good intentions, clean conscience and kind heart. I don’t yell I make the voice of my steps louder. I want my works to make noise. I don’t pretend I act. I don’t speak , I act. Now , I love myself and I hug myself. I pat myself, I push myself.

Dear judge, I no longer water you , instead I nourish my soul. I forgive more and worry less. I manifest what I want not what I need . I manifest what I deserve not what I should have. And honestly, I deserve me without you so I manifest myself. I don’t have space for self – doubt . I have made space for self love. I don’t think of devilish you rather I think of the angel that is present in me. I love my energy, I pamper myself now.

I love the idea of self love, I love the person who I have become .

Dearest Judge present in my mind, I hate you now and I want you to take a leave from my mind, soul and heart as my heart belongs to ME, MYSELF and MY LIFE.


Kritika Sharma

IG - @_art_324_amigas

(Kritika Sharma is from Ambala, Haryana. She is a student of Microbial Biotechnology. An optimistic soul , always hopeful and always praying for others. She is often lost in her own imaginary world . Writing gives words to her imaginations and calms her soul)

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