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Creative Writing : usage of literary devices and its importance, tips and tricks.

Creative writing is a fine art of making up things. It is defined broadly as the pursuit of artistic ends through the written word . There is a technique to improve one's writing. Writing with flair is an essential skill , in these days. Any person who enjoys writing will necessarily realise that, narrative devices play a pretty appreciable role for presenting a final draft of a novel writing. Narrative devices are also known as literary devices. They are over 100 devices in number. It is a technique that adds a special effect to the writing. The objectivity of narrative devices are , they make writing more interesting and gripping. Literary device is a choice the writer consciously makes use in his/ her writing. Literary devices are embellishments that make the story more interesting. Few of the literary devices are Simile, Metaphor, Anagram , Colloquialism, Epiphany, Euphemism , Oxymoron, Irony , Juxtaposition, foreshadowing , Pun, Apostrophe. Epigram, Metonymy, Synecdoche, Personification, climax ,anticlimax etc . They can be observed in writings of poetry as well.

Tips to use narrative devices :

1. Realise that these are departure from the ordinary form of expression, or ordinary

course of ideas.

2. Know the difference between literary elements and literary devices.

3. Literary elements are basic building blocks of a story.

4. Appropriate use of literary devices adds texture, energy and excitement to the


5. The writer should take care not to make use of an unexpected wordplay but necessarily a clever and surprise usage of literary devices.

6. Add texture to writing: In general, a piece of writing will be lucid if it consists of active voices rather than passive voice, using adverbs as little as possible.

7. Remove unnecessary extra words as much as possible in a boring sentences in order to give texture to a piece of writing. It must be faster, it must sound better and what is being talked must not change. In an easier way, I like to say remove fluff from your writings. Don't drown in repetition .

8 Energy in writing: Good writers communicate their energy with words, swiftly, surely well arranged words and/or with no loss of vigor. Avoid saying punchlines. The energy of writing flows through the words.

9. Excitement in writing: The thoughts must reflect in writing and reach the readers in an exciting way , It even develops a trust worthy sense of who they are as people and leaves a good impact .

In Harry Potter series: The Anagram for " tom marvolo riddle" is " I am lord Voldemort".

example of Hyperbole: " I ate a mountain of salad today."

Soumya Barli

IG: @soumyabarli

(I am an educator , bibilophile, published author and a presentator . A certified content writer from Internshala ,an aspiring and enthusiastic children's book writer and illustrator by choice. I have had authored 4 children's books . A recipient of few literary awards)

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