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Coins flip, and that’s okay!

Hey, you? Yes!! You. I’m ohh… I was supposed to be anonymous, wasn’t I? My bad, although as this is my “so-called” personal story, I’ll call myself Charlie. Now you must be wondering why out of everything I could choose to write on, I decided to write on a personal story, well, my Uncanny counters is my way of expressing how failure and setbacks have that major impact on our life, ALTHOUGH never in any phase or part of your life believe that 1 failure or 100 failures have enough potential to bring you down against your will to STEP RIGHT BACK UP.


My journey from my childhood up to my college life was basically the most confusing chapters to my life. Nevertheless I was too fancy about this whole new life that was about to come my way. I was very much into the nerd life, top 5 of my class, straight A’s. always following teachers around for doubts, taking part in over 20 competitions, winning almost all of them.

But you see, my life took a turn. Was it family pressure? Social pressure? Or my own expectations about life that I believed would be easy?

I had the first downfall of my life in 11th grade. I realized that this was not what I wanted, rather my whole idea of building my career was left hidden somewhere because I was asked to follow what others asked me to do. Irrational of me that I believed I could do something I never really enjoyed doing, from someone who has always topped class, to nearing to “fail” my math test, I was not happy, sounds absurd but I think this academic downfall had a huge impact on me. I was not only sliding down the academic path but also the mental path. From a continuous 12 years of success to 3 years of failure, These 15 years have been the hardest to digest.

Now when it comes to a certain asian household upbringing, we're usually asked to feel grateful to get a seat on the table of life. But there's a difference between being given a seat, and being worthy of the seat.

Life is not just all about gratitude in the sense you're given something you were the rightful owner of.

Getting that seat at the table is your right, but if you're asked to act grateful for the same, GET UP FROM THAT SEAT. And build your own table. Build your own seat.

Flipping coins is your right, and every-time you feel you're not getting what you truly deserve, you can just heads and tails your entire life.

They're not merely two sides of a coin, they're two phases of everyone's life.


Now every coin has 2 sides right? It took me a while to realise that all I had to do was to flip the coin, as easy as it sounds, I had to understand that flipping a situation is not a wrong way to deal with life, PASS TO FAIL and FAIL TO PASS are also the two flips of life, it's important for you to understand that your life is your life, that barricade you have build around yourself only should be entered by you, now let's be honest, how many times have you been asked to do something you never wanted and if you unfortunately failed, you were blamed, shamed. This is your game, you flip the coin to your game, life has phases, at some there will be heads, at times there will be tails, game only depends on how many times you flipped that one coin and even if you didn't win you came back, flipped the coin and played the match.


Tanisha Shah

IG: @tanniieeeeee

(Tanisha is a 19 year old CS and business law student, she's extremely passionate about the art of writing, she believes that writing is a sense of healing and a definition to life. A language of it's own)

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