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Can you measure?

It's been a month now that I decided to change my lifestyle, aiming to a more healthy living. Somehow just could not start the routine, you might call me lazy but it had been dragging on for months. This morning I took out my new notebook and very diligently noted down my weight which I knew had consistently made a rise and never a fall. To get into the perfect shape I needed to measure every part of my happy healthy body so that I could see if my new routine could make any difference.

I needed to count my steps, quantity of water intake, calories and the list goes on. It is so easy to measure everything that could possibly keep us on track. I love everything that is introduced to us to keep us healthy. It was not so easy as I thought as the gadgets around me kept me in check. The entire day kept me quite occupied as I would keep a track on the gadgets who never let me cheat and always checked and pointed out on what I possibly went wrong with.

The steps are counted, even the duration of my sleep, of my heart which works even harder never to skip a beat. I saw myself as a person who had newly acquired a job, spending time in updating what I did, what I ate and how much I did sleep. In all this I realised not a inch did I shed being so much involved in the trackers nor was I relaxed for really doing all this with so much sincerity.

I did everything that could be measured but the only thing I forgot to measure was the extent I could stretch my lips to smile. That was the only thing that I did see losing inches because we never measured our happiness. We forget that what can be measured has its limitations but what is in abundance we forget to note down before the start. We all really never care to track our happiness because it is never in our checklist. It is great to see yourself in good shape but what looks even good on you is your smile , that is really what matters. In our race to look beautiful we get so stressed that we forget we look good when we are happy.

Happiness is the key to a healthy mind and body. There are no gadgets that can track your happiness, it is only in your hands to get control of yourself and your life. Feeling good is more important than looking good. Next time you start counting the steps you took just try and count the moments of happiness.


Mansi Chaturvedi

IG: @mansi.chaturvedi.1

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