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By The Ganga

Bathing in Ganges

Flying up the hills

Not only ' Har ki Pauri' Ghat

But everything there took my heart.

Waiting for hours in line

Just to have Udan khatola ride

The ride so joyful,

Joyful to move up and up

Witnessing the beauty of nature.

Travelling with family

In the area of mother, enjoying

On the top Mansa Devi Ma

On the bottom Ganga Ma.

In the evening,

One side Ganga Aarti gratifying my soul

Simultaneously, cold water waves pleasing my feets.


Ankita Bhatia

IG: @_purposeoflife_by_ankita

("Never stop, keep learning, keep succeeding"- The only moto that Ankita follows , A young girl hailing from National Capital , Delhi ,at young age of 21 year has achieved a lot from International to National Awards , featured in magazines , anthologies and news sites )

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