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Breaking of dawn

I could see the night falling into dawn when the darkest hour dissolves into the light of the arrival of a new morning.

Wandering towards the woods by the dint of my somber days within the repository of radiance.

Acquiring the tree of palm, I broke a leaf from the node of the luminescent bark,

Rewriting my wilder fate with the palm leaves.

I smouldered the bewildering past of mine, watching the fading embers of those hapless sheets by my ebony marble eyes, that once used to sparkle

As I buried my fears, assembling the grave onto the land of the perished

A bud sprouted, sparkling like the brightest firefly.

It came up towards my chest piercing inside of my ribcage into the heart that had stopped beating.

The firefly emerging from my dead fears ignited a blazing hope of living, of happiness, inside me

Reviving my heart

When I was walking on the frozen waters of my downcast emotions, the epiphany regarding I have grown out of myself downed upon as my unrestricted consciousness

It melted into the holy waters people chatter about

I tended to dip into, just so to wash away my poetic sins

The sins of expressing my demons out using my psychedelic pens onto my hawking pages which were once torn at the seams

The voice I erst lost, trying to speak again on the edge of never

Spoken like sorrow came out my cackled up voice through my trembling puffy lips exclaiming to myself "But there's hope that's waiting for you in the dark"

Exploring the exhibits of Universe, the storm Moon and the rings of Saturn had awaiting with my whimsical destiny

I am a maze of light and dark, beauty and ugliness, happiness and sadness

But I am a star that burns itself and shines the brightest in the darkness of the vast cosmos

I have my own fears but hopes keep igniting and melting my fears away

I will shine in my own way


Ateeba Shireen

IG Handle: @words_are_diamonds

(Ateeba means a curious philosophical person and just like my name I am a very curious person. An introvert who tended to seek solace through writing since releasing my feelings has been too difficult. Just an 18 year old finding passion and peace in writing)

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