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Books that gives you happiness.

Books are always considered as LOYAL FRIEND of humans and as author I positively agree on this, being a published author books are MY COMPANION in my life. As child, I always go for horror, be that on television series and movies and books, when kids are fond of cartoons, I always go for horror cartoons, books and movies. My whole childhood was spent on watching crime shows, horror movies and specially reading horror books. In Gujarat literature world KANU BHAGDEV, H.N. GOLIBAR are always my favourite thriller horror authors, also Sir Arthur Conan Dyle, Christie Agatha along with these author is my top favourite, reading their book always make me inspire to write horror book / thriller book one day. A book you don’t want stop reading, that you will constantly thinking how to finish that book. These all authors I mentioned above are the legend authors in the field of thriller and horror, those type of books that will take you a different world. Horror being always my favourite genre, I always want to write a horror book at least once in my life to know what it is to be in the place of these legends, to know as “an author of thriller and horror “.

I want to write a book that will give my readers to read more and more, for any author its story that is important make you readers hook to your books, and horror stories are those stories which can take you to journey of different emotions – fear, anger, disgust, scare, suspense, excited, creepy, secrets and so many things. I still remember when I start reading THE SILENT PATIENT BY ALEX MICHELIDES, I was thrilled throughout the story, excited and yet shocked by twists and turns, I was not able to put it down.

RECKLESS BY SYDNEY SHELDON is the master combination for thriller and horror including my both favourite genre, these books gave me inspiration write a horror book in future, from taking inspiration how to create plot because in horror or thriller plot is something the most important thing. After that I have to choose those type of characters which are easy to understand for readers and simple to write, because complicated and too many characteristics will make readers confuse. If there are too many characters in story then readers will not able to remember all of that and will not connected to the story, I want to put simple characters in my horror book. The most important in horror book is about ENDINGS. Any reader starts reading a book with expectation of good ending relatable to story, otherwise it’s all ruin. An ending should be relatable and something gives satisfaction to readers. For example, I always want to published my horror book in 2 parts so it will create an excitement in readers to wait for next part and it will give you highlights on how readers want the second part to be.

Also reviews from readers are also a priority to know your mistakes. But the first thing I will take care for my horror book will be the NAME AND PLOT, as both should be something different and unpredictable. This is how I always dream of writing a horror book and hopefully I will someday as books are the most important part of my life and as my identity in terms of writing it or reading it.


Disha Dave

IG handle: @miss.dave_3198 & @daring_girl_2117

(My name is Disha Dave. I am pursuing M.B.A. from JVIMS Jamnagar. My debut book “unboxing new chapters” launched on amazon. I want people to experience the world of magic words. I believe in always putting my imagination and creativity into words. I believe that A single word can change anything then how much change thousands words will bring into the world!)

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