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Books are a way to gain knowledge. A way that drops you at a destination where you can be able to stand in any situation.

A businessman fears losses, a doctor fears losing his remuneration, a lawyer fears losing his case, and every human being fears something or the other unless he is a reader. Yes, a reader is involved in understanding the words and he forgets everything around being involved in understanding what he is reading. And gaining knowledge is the best asset which doesn't give you the fear of losing.

Books are unlimited. If you want to relax, grab a novel. If you want to read a story to children, grab a storybook. If you want to gain knowledge, grab your topic book. If you want to read a novel and have a quick read, grab a novella. If you want to recollect your childhood days, grab a comic. And this list is not a specific one. You can customize it according to your wish, your interest, your favorite genre etc.

You can explore the world of knowledge with books. Every line takes you to an endless end. It makes your eyes pass through full stops, commas and every punctuation.

So choose a book today and feel happy that you got the thing that stays with you forever. Read read read is all you need to do.

So never regret not reading a book in the future.


Niteesha Duvvuri

IG handle @thoughts_to_cherish9

(Niteesha is aspired to be a writer. She is currently pursuing her post-graduation in commerce. She writes in the yourquote app and also you can find her writings on Instagram)

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