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Bond that goes silent sometimes

Do you relate your moments with the song?

I asked this, because I do.

So there was a song which came to my ears and then a bond between me and my earphones grew which was very new. That song became the tea to my morning and acted like a lori to my nights. It became the partner to cheer my mood when I go sad and sometimes a medium to let emotions go away. I don't dance but that song made my legs go zig and zag. Finally that song from my nominated playlist got chance to get the title of the week "On repeat." And for a complete week I kept hearing same song whole day with no place for other beauties of my playlist. But as after every evening, night comes the same way just after a week I got bored of that song and soon me and my earphones broke up. My mornings became quite and nights even more quieter. I thought of giving chance to other nominated members but I could not catch the vibe as before. May be I was missing that song but didn't want to go back to it. I loved it but may be my love for that song became temporary. Similar is our life, we explore and find new people, match vibes, enjoy but after certain period of time things start to get fade and vibes don't find ways to reach us and BOOM! the journey started from unknown travel partners don't take time to become strangers who cross ways with several other strangers at the same time. We don't try to sort things and end up loosing them. That same song was still in my playlist and few days back while the songs were in shuffle finally after several months “pehla nasha's” turn came from “jo jeeta wohi sikander”. It didn't came alone. It brought some sugar for my morning tea and some melody for the silence of my night. I heard lots of song in this duration and loved many of them but didn't got the vibe which this "pehla nasha" gave me. You know, what I concluded from this? I concluded that break is important but breaking up with the things isn't the solution. And soon me and my earphones became friends and promised to sort things when needed but will never go silent. You should never stop updating your playlist but is it right to let go of something which once was your everything?


Ayushi Kaushik

IG: @_ayushi.k_

(Ayushi Kaushik, a girl of 21 from Shahdol, Madhya pradesh. She is a writer by passion and loves to follow her dreams. She started writing poetries since she was 13)

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