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Being in Love and Falling in love

LOVE - Surprisingly, the word is framed with equal number of vowels and consonants. Perhaps, it represents the equality of the efforts made by two souls to keep up their love. But what exactly "Being in Love" and "Falling in Love" mean? Though the two statements make sense in case of similarity, they both stand in their own positions of uniqueness. Let's know the difference between each of them.


In order to understand this, the best way is to take an example of the purest form of love i.e., Mother's love. Moms didn't fall in love with us, but they were in love with us before we even came out of her womb. No mother knows how her child is, until the baby comes out into this world. Every mother waits nine months just to see the child. But the fact is, your mother started loving you before actually seeing you lively. One more scenario of being in love is with the Nature. We didn't fall in love with the nature, but we were and we are in love with it. The love with no expectations, the love which has been formed unknowingly, the love with no breaks. All these facts are hidden the the phrase "Being in Love".


The love which starts within us Knowingly at some point of time. The pleasure for eyes, the feelings for heart and many other things start with this type of love. One of the strange things that can ever happen to oneself is falling in love. This is the type of love which generates as we grow up eventually. When we fall in love, we start expecting things to get done in our own perceptions. Random break-ups are its cup of tea. But the efforts we put to stay together, matter the most. We literally can be in love after falling in it. All it needs is a pinch of hope and the act of trusting each other. The time we spend and the importance we give to the opposite person defines it all.

So let's all stay in love after falling in it without falling apart. Fall in love, but do not forget to raise in love too. Spread love, spread the magic in it.


S. Keerthana

IG: @keerthana__suresh_

(A passionate writer who loves to deal with the feelings and weave poems with them)

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