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Art of living

Life is a gift of god .We as human beings have moral responsibility to live it with grace and dignity.While coming to this beautiful world we promised Almighty that we will live chanting His Name.But when we enter the biosphere of life situations they put us in multiple positives and negatives. It is all about how we approach these situations.If we have negative approach towards life every second would become as heavy as lead.If we have positive approach towards life every second would become as light as feather.This is our choice whether to live heavily or lightly.I think the wise would choose being light.

One should be positive towards life. Positive thinking is a belief that each and every effort we take would sooner or later lead to success in life.On the contrary ,negative thinking is a mental status that forces us to think what if we make an effort and do not succeed?Negativity would only lead to fear and stress. Fear and Stress leads to incapability to think and once if you are incapable mind, you will not be able to perform or take action.As a result of no action you will not be able to achieve success in life. Hence, stay away from negativity for your mental and physical wellness.Life is a sea and it is your choice either to swim and find pearls or dive and drown in it.

There would be many ups and downs in life what you have to do is accept the good and neglect the bad. There are certain guidelines I feel can improve your living and you can save yourself from negativity and head towards positivity.

First and foremost thing, is taking care of yourself unless until you make yourself happy you cannot make people happy.

Secondly, in order to make yourself happy make a to do list which you always wanted to go for .These would be your passions you always wanted to follow.

Thirdly, in order to pursue your passions you have to be disciplined.Abide by the routine and keep yourself busy so that there is no space for depressing thoughts.Idle mind is devils mind.

Fourthly, keep learning everyday as the more you learn more you grow.The more you grow the more confident you get.The confidence adds positivity to your life.

Fifthly, try to take out time for the free gifts God has bestowed on us .Yes!! the mother nature who has given us so much. While writing this there was a wide smile on my face so when you would be around it how much happiness you would experience would be beyond imagination.Please do take out time to go in parks, watch the night sky, if living in coastal areas watch the sea.It gives us positivity.

Sixthly, show gratitude to Almighty for so much He has given to us.If you start counting on it from your body to your breath to your material things around you the list would be beyond numbers you can think of.So please be grateful to God for it.

Seventhly, please stay away from negative people and situations.Avoid falling into trap.

Prefer peace more than anything else.

Eighthly, practice meditation for cleaning your aura and attaining peace.

If you follow the above guidelines I can assure you irrespective of all the situations in life you would become a happy person and eventually your adverse situations would also vanish in no time.So guys wasting no time start from now itself as it is well said ‘Tomorrow never comes.’


Sonia Handa

IG: @soniahanda75

(A great admirer of nature and is spiritually inclined. A homemaker writing and singing are her passions)

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