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A dose of Mental well-being - The power of words

Your words can either cut a person deep or they can heal wounded hearts. Choose your words wisely before vomiting them out.

You know we often think about power in terms of physical aspects and never take into consideration how much of power is being manifested in our life on a regular basis 'day and night' through our mental, verbal and emotional aspects.

For an example, let's look at the words we use on a single day and how it's bringing out the best or worst in us.

Observe your child or any elder member of your family if you don't have one. For a whole day, listen to all the words the person has used in description, explanation, arguments, or for any other so called reason.

Now, evaluate the impact these words have on his/her life. How is your life being shaped by these words?

Well, don't we love to call the other person with nicknames being used for humour, like stupid, idiot, asshole, bitch, or abusive language just used for what? Fun!

Although, you calling someone stupid, idiot or other insignificant names is not going to make them one and neither that person is actually considered as one except in your own eyes. However, by saying as well as doing so over and over again would make you unreasonably a lofty attractive-vibrant for the negative energy you are emitting out. This is a solemn matter of consideration as it could be notorious for your life.

Haven't you heard about the law of action in science class. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, no matter how small or big it is. And action isn't always taken in physical form, but mental and verbal as well.

Each and every single word counts towards the betterment of your life!

Imagine how much of a prominent effect must be being caused in your life through voices under your head and words you carelessly voice out.

Muse over deeply before you start actually letting them out through your mouth. Don't do what you don't want to be done to you.

Word out positivity to attract positivity in your life!


Vaneeta Chugh

@vaneetachugh & @yoursecretishdiary

(A poetess and writer soaring towards the pinnacle of her dream of being a great writer, the capstone of her life)

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