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Art is a phenomenon that the souls kiss the world with! The feels are unique like the wind that touches our skin and the rain that every cloud gives birth to!

Art; a garden of various flowers planted, and so are the hearts of the human, coloured with the likings of different tastes. Art is like a song, a music that dances in different forms in the mouths of the people. Art is a feast for the soul, a cup of coffee for a poet waking him up from the beauty of The Moon, a bowl of soul for photographers drenched with the feast of green colour and a colourful rainbow to the artist who kisses the forehead of every morning’s sunrise.

Art is a woman, oh! A woman with a unique law of love, wears a fine furred coat with stars studded with magical miracles. Her palace is always soft bedded and whoever comes in, gets drunk with amazement and none are the people who left from there.

Art! A woman who has a collection of different patterns of magic stitched as designed clothes in her closet! She amazes the world with her most stunning look every damn day. Poetry, colours, photography, books, literature, Nature are her clothes, and oh! 'Love', her favourite diamond necklace, she wears all the time. She calls the world, her home and the people her fans! Poets, writers, artists, photographers are her courtiers who send a piece of her art for the people to get drunk and cherish with the beauty of art!

The world itself is an art! The photographers speak their hearts out, showing the beautiful picture of The Nature.

Nah! The most powerful art is 'Love!' The poets roar with the birds chirping the gossips about love of The Sun and The Moon.

Oh, my majesty! The colours of the rising sun can never be defeated! comes the voice of the artists.

You or me? The debate still goes on! The art looks at her favourite children arguing and smiles gently at them. The chaos will never end. She says to herself. But in the end of the debate, you will have a million poems written, million arts painted, a million photographs clicked! She silently speaks to herself. The word art will never have a deadline. All these arts are the fragrance of flowers that maketh me admirable. The poets, the photographers, the artists are the ones who water my garden; my body and let me stay fresh always. And when a poet, artist, photographer or any artist dies, I give a part of me to reside in the people's heart as his remembrance. The world doesn’t remember my name. They remember the person who wrote, painted, clicked the pictures of me.

Love is the heart of every art. Love can defeat the entire world. The world rests upon the hands of the artists and the artists live breathing art. A sip of art, the artists live a million lives in a moment.

Art is a kiss of admiration.

Art is a love letter to the world.

Art is a painting worth stealing your time.

Art is a song, worth hearing for a lifetime.

Art is a feeling no one has seen but felt.

Art is a feeling, even love dared to hate.


Ajola Ganesan

IG Handle: @ajolas_garden_of_quotes

(Ajola Ganesan is from Tamil Nadu, India , having done her Masters in physics and has completed B.Ed. She writes poetry, short stories, and micro tales. She is an author of two books. The books are ‘A Collection Of Short Stories’ and ‘200 Shots Of Couple Goals’)

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